Starbucks is Planning to Close Up to 200 Stores In Canada!

Woah! I was hoping it wasn’t going to happen, but it’s happening.

Starbucks, like most coffee businesses, took a hit since they had to stay closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Normally, the company usually closes around 100 stores a year due to leases expiring and underperforming locations shutting down.

But now, that number has increased and up to 200 stores could be closing. There’s about 1,400 Starbucks locations in Canada, so around 15% of the stores could close down in the next two years.

What they’re trying to do instead of shutting it down completely, is to focus on pick up orders only. They’re testing it out, where you order in advance on the app and then you go and pick it up or have it delivered.

Hopefully the ones close by me will stay open, where else could I get a caramel frapp that good??

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