‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ Cast Reunites For a Tik Tok Challenge!

This is so fun! Cheaper By the Dozen Cast just reunited for a Tik Tok challenge which is called the #JustaKid video challenge.

Basically you recreate a photo from your childhood by adjusting your hair, makeup, and clothes and you make the same pose you did back then that’s in the image! The video features the song I’m Just a Kid by Simple Plan.

Remember them? Good times.

So about a week ago, Alyson Stoner teased a possibility that “the bakers have something else cooking” after Disney+ hosted a Twitter Watch party for the movie, which was released in 2003 by the way!

So they created this video, which features most of the cast members like Alyson Stoner, Hilary Duff, Bonnie Hunt, Piper Perabo, Kevin Schmidt, Jacob Smith, Morgan York, Brent and Shane Kinsman, and Forrest Landis.

Not even lying, it made me tear up a little. MY CHILDHOOD. Ugh, the nostalgia is real. Check it out:

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