Chrissy Teigan Gets Mad Over John Legend’s Lyrics about “Other Women” So She Threatens to Leak His New Album!

Wow, never thought I’d be relating to Chrissy Teigan so much in my life, but here we are.

So as you may know, if you follow her on social media, when it comes to trolling her husband, John Legend, she does not hold back. It’s actually quite entertaining and I’m sure it amuses him.

She even joked about her breaking up with him the second they’re allowed out of quarantine. She tweeted, “Oh we are also def breaking up after we can leave the house”

She has no chill.

And I mean, none.

This weekend John played her his new album, and she was not impressed with the lyrics.

She tweeted what went down and gave us a play by play of the whole experience for us…

John responded to her tweet trying to be all cute and making my heart melt…


Okay, she totally ghosted him for like 9 hours before tweeting back, “do u know what a punchline is”

OMG, Straight up savage.

She clapped back so hard, I can’t breath…

She then lets us know that John has a duet with Jhene Aiko on the album, and tweeted the most relatable tweet ever:

Omg, if this isn’t me – I swear… wow, yes I’m crying from laughing at this point. This is epic. Jhene Aiko even tweeted back!

Chrissy then posted a video on Instagram and Twitter of herself playing snippets of the songs off his album with the caption, “currently leaking John’s album on my stories. Out June 19th. Or free when I get mad enough.”

She posted a few other snippets of songs, writing, “might delete if forced but this is one of my favorites”

Chrissy was on a roll!

John didn’t seem to mind though, on the IG comments he wrote, “I call this free promotion. Leak on” She responded by saying, “oh bitch it’s not free”

Keep slaying, Chrissy! (You’re making me look less crazy) 🙂

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