Looks like a ‘Zoey 101’ Reboot is in the Works!

So a year ago, Jamie Lynn Spears hinted that a Zoey 101 reboot is in the works and her co-stars, Paul Butcher and Chris Massey commented, which basically confirmed the news

But then right after, she deleted the post!

Things have been pretty silent since then in terms of any Zoey 101 updates, until now…

While promoting her new Netflix show, Sweet Magnolias, with The Hollywood Reporter, she was asked about the reboot and said there’s been talk about bringing back the Pacific Cost Academy squad!

Nothing is for sure yet, but she said, “Everything and anything is on the table, whether that’s a movie or a series. In all of the discussions I’ve had with Nickelodeon – which are in baby stages, by the way – the main thing is figuring out the right home for the reboot.”

Looks like it won’t be on Nickelodeon though!

She said, “We couldn’t do it justice by putting it back on Nickelodeon, because our fanbase has grown into young adults like me, 29 or around the same age. We want to tell stories about where the characters are now. We want to connect with the fans and touch on topics that are impacting millennials, so it would have to be aged up and be more mature.”


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